MBI-233 Foot File Wooden Thick Handle (Course/Medium) 100% Waterproof



Foot File Wooden Thick Handle (Course/Medium) 100% Waterproof

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Product Description

Foot File Double sided (Course/Medium) 100% Waterproof

MBI is very proud of its top selling environmental wooden Foot File. It is designed to give you a comfortable grip while using it on your feet with its tough and durable filing surfaces. The file consists of two sides; one to remove the callus while the other to smoothen and buff the skin. The construction of our wooden file undertakes about 50 processes so that it may be waterproof and easily washable without dear of damage. Our wooden files are sanitizable in order to resist against bacteria and other microbes on the soles. With the technology used within the manufacturing process, our foot files are durable and are put over many processes to enforce longevity of the file. The round edges allow comfort to the user while using on the self at home or a customer in the spa. Using the file dry allows it to remove calluses from the skin while wet use allows the skin to be buffed and smoothened.