MBI-212 Ingrown Nail Nipper Standard Jaw Double Spring Size 5″



Our Heavy duty #212 Size 5” Ultra fine Ingrown Nail cutter features a standard size straight blade with a pointed edge. The sharp straight blades meet at tips of nails giving a detailed and smooth cut to the nail. The pointed edge allows the cutter to reach into the ingrown nail and cut with ease. This cutter comes with double springs between handles to give perfect tension while the tool is in use.

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Product Description

MBIs Nail nippers are manufactured using high-pressure forging of layers made of 100% surgical grade stainless steel which is capable to perform under normal or expected conditions and achieves Rockwell HRC 48 to 50. Our nippers are designed for professionals to use for durability, sharp cutting and long-lasting sharpness. The quality of the steel has a crucial influence on the quality of the nippers.

The Nail nippers are formed with a box-joint method which stops lateral play or staggering. It retains cutting edges alignment for life time. Both of the blades are exactly aligned in proper relative positions to cut hard and ingrown nails.

Our Nail Nippers curved Jaws are designed to allow a clean cut and give a slightly curved shape of the nails without any ripping or tearing.

Blades touch evenly when closed. Both Blades are exactly aligned in proper relative positions to cut hard nails. Inserted are double springs which allow a smooth and precise floating movement without much of the user’s effort.

The handles have a round tension to give you the highest possible grip which allows the hand to have maximum control.

Our highly redefined passivation process protects instruments against corrosion due to repeated sterilization. Responding to customer’s needs, it features gently curved, palm-friendly, easy-to-grip ergonomically designed grooved finished handles which gives optimal comfort, performance and expresses the ultimate in functional beauty.

All of MBIs nippers have springs that are assembled with a screw which can be replaced.

MBI stands behind every instrument produced and distributed.


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