MBI Custom 12pcs Mani-Pedi set

MBI custom set
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Customize your own MBI kit in order to fulfill your needs.

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Product Description

Want a custom implements kit to fulfill your specific needs? MBI offers the contents of the kits to be customized with the tools of your preference.


This case can hold up to 1-12 instruments at a time without any minimum order.

MBI would like to give professionals, academies, schools and professors the option to customize their own kits according to the needs of their salon or class curriculum. The reason we do not sale pre-made kits is because we do not want to add instruments which will be no use for your syllabus.

However, the price will vary to your selection of items. This specially designed implements case is excellent for your clients visits. The cover is made of high quality soft touch vinyl and leather. This tool case is available in black color and opens with a soft zipper in order to keep the tools safe inside.

Contact our customer service department for more information regarding our customized sets.